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Updated: 17 Mei

Important Knowledge for Workers

The Computer & Online Needs module discusses the key ideas and skills you need to use computers and other electronic devices, as well as how to control files and programs, use networks, find information and communicate online and stay safe online.

Technology is an important part of all jobs today. Everyone needs to be able to work with computers and other devices and use online tools and apps properly.

This module is great for people who use computers to do specific work and can also be used as a starting point to learn more about how to use technology effectively in the workplace.

Most people know how to do some basic things on computers and the Internet, but they might also benefit from knowing more about how to set device settings, browse the web or chat with other people.

Learn the basic skills you need to use computers and the internet well.

  • Overview of the module

  • Category Skill set

  • Computers and Devices

  • Tools Software

  • Manage files and apps.

  • Introducing File Management

  • Fill files and directories

  • Storage

  • Manage apps.

  • Suite

  • Network Concept

  • Network Access

  • Online information

  • Search and manage information, as well as web browser settings.

  • Output

  • Online communication.

  • Communication tool

  • Sending and receiving emails, along with email tools and settings.

  • Host an email

  • Using Calendar

  • Safety

  • Computers, equipment and data

  • Well-being and achievement.

  • Environment

  • Key learning outcomes

The selected person will be able to use the computer and chat with other people online.

If candidates learn this lesson, they will feel more comfortable using computers at work and understand important ideas such as communication, safety and online security.

They will be able to:

  • Knows the basics of equipment and software and can perform basic tasks related thereto.

  • You can manage files and groups, store data and control applications.

  • Find out what a network is and how to join it.

  • You can search and organize information easily on the internet and change your browser settings.

  • Know the things that make it possible to use ordinary communication tools well.

  • You can send and receive emails and track your schedule.

  • Learn about the risks that may apply and how to ensure your devices, devices and computers are safe.

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