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Microsoft EXCEL for Beginners

microsoft office (excel)Main learning outcomesSuccessful candidates will be able to use spreadsheet applications to create and work with spreadsheets. After passing this module, candidates will feel confident entering, transferring, editing and deleting data, as well as performing common spreadsheet tasks.


They will be able to:

Key Spreadsheet Concepts: You will understand the basic ideas behind spreadsheets, such as how they organize information and perform calculations.

Productivity Tools: You'll learn about useful features and shortcuts that make working with spreadsheets faster and easier.

Data Management: You will know how to add, change and remove information in your spreadsheet in the right way.

Formulas and Functions: You will learn how to use built-in tools to perform mathematical and logical operations automatically, saving you time and effort.

Charts and Graphs: You will be able to create visual representations of your data, such as graphs and charts, to facilitate understanding and sharing with others.

By the end of the module, you will be comfortable creating, organizing and analyzing data using spreadsheet software.

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