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Mohamed Iqbal Maricar, a digital education icon, blends vast experience, academic prowess, and a zeal for learning. Across four decades, he's shown resilience through global crises.

Iqbal's diverse journey from employee and wholesale businesses to digital training showcases his adaptability. As the founder of Easy Digital Training, and registered IT Trainer in People Association, he excels in digital marketing and e-commerce.

Iqbal empowers adult learners with practical skills and actionable insights, going beyond mere instruction. Through theory and hands-on experience, he equips them for success in the digital world.

Iqbal excels as a subject matter expert due to his deep understanding of digital platforms. He communicates complex concepts effectively and tailors courses to diverse student needs.

Iqbal's commitment to professional memberships and ongoing development demonstrates his dedication to staying current. By staying updated on trends, he ensures his training programs yield tangible results.

Iqbal's true distinction lies in his passion for empowering others. Beyond technical skills, he fosters confidence and agency in students, inspiring lifelong learning and goal pursuit.

In summary, Mohamed Iqbal Maricar transcends being a digital training expert; he's a mentor, guide, and catalyst for positive change. With expertise, passion, and commitment, he shapes digital literacy heroes, preparing them for success in today's digital world.

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