Becoming a Digital Marketing Specialist

This module introduced essential concepts and skills related to the fundamentals of digital marketing, such as 

creating a website, 
optimizied content for search engines, 
utilizing social media platforms,
conducting online marketing and
advertising across various services, and
monitoring and improving campaigns using analytics.

  1. After finishing this module, each candidate will be able to:

• Understand digital marketing concepts,
• Learn how to choose appropriate keywords for search engine optimization.
• Set up appropriate social media business platforms
-as well as set up and use common platforms.
 • Recognize how effective social media management contributes to promotion and lead generation.
 • Make use of a social media management system.
* Recognize various social media platforms and set up and use shared platforms.
• Understand how effective social media management can help with promotion and lead generation.
• Schedule posts and set up notifications using a social media management service. 
• Understand and use analytics services to monitor and improve campaigns
• Understand and use various options for online marketing and advertising, such as search engine, email, and mobile marketing

Course Description Section 1 – Key Ideas
Overview of Digital Marketing Techniques, Goals, Benefits, and Limitations
Obligations under the law and regulations
Considerations for a Digital Marketing Strategy in Section 2
Considerations for Design
Policies for Content Marketing and Access Controls
Section 3 – Web Presence Alternatives
Web Presence Services
Making A Website Content Management Systems
Section 4 – Considerations for the Web
Structure, design, content, and promotion of a website
Section 5: Search Engine Optimization
Section 5 is about Search Engine Optimization.
Overview of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Keywords
Section 6 – Considerations for Social Media Marketing
Social Media Sites
Campaigns for Social Media Marketing Section 

7 – Social Media Profiles Types of Social Media Profiles
Making a Business Profile on Social Media Making Changes to a Social Media Business Profile Section 8 – Making Use of Social Media Activities
Making and Editing Posts
Section 9 – Services for Social Media Management Services for Social Media Management Posts S

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Newbie Package

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  5. Instagram Business

Digital Marketing Management Standard Package

Social Media plays a crucial role in connecting people and developing relationships, not only covering your company's sector, but also provides a great opportunity to establish customer service by gathering input, answering questions and listening to their feedbac

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 We will manage your -social media accounts with  daily posting

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 We will manage your -social media accounts with  daily posting

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  • Instagram
  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram Business       
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  • Blog design, setup and/optimization
  •  Blog strategy development
  • Content posting
  • Community  building &  monitoring
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