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Microsoft  (PowerPoint)

The Presentation module covers the key concepts and skills needed to work with presentation software to create and use presentations.

Presentation is a useful way of conveying information, either to be delivered by the speaker or used as a reference or guide. Being able to communicate information so that it can be clearly understood is a valuable skill in the workplace.

This module is suitable for a variety of candidates in any type of job role that involves communicating with different audiences for different purposes.

Develop the skills needed to present information using presentation software.

Module overview
Category Skill Set
Using the application
Work with presentations
Increase productivity
Develop a presentation
Presentation view
Slide master
Handle text
Using charts
Organisation chart
Graphic object
Insert, manipulation
Provide output
Check and send
Main learning outcomes
The successful candidate will be able to use presentation software to create and edit presentations. After passing this module, candidates will feel confident planning, creating and producing presentations.

   They will be able to:
understand the main concepts of using presentation software
identify options available in built-in layouts, designs and themes
recognize good practice in formatting text and tables
know how to add charts, pictures and drawn objects to enhance presentations
prepare presentations for use in presentation or print

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